How do we manage EDS?

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    My question here is how can EDS be managed? We know how to manage patients with sickle cells and some other defficients but we rarely see whee they talk on managing EDS.
    I wil be glad to see someone providing good answer to this.

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    Managing EDS is a difficult thing to do, there are so many different variable that you have to deal with. Since there
    is no one medicine that is available to suffers of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. There are always changing due to food allergies,
    connective tissue changes,fatigue and depression. Tracking changes in your body and charting pain levels usually helps
    with consistency. Since EDS is a Connective Tissue Disorder your issues can be forever changing and management is a day
    by day struggle for most suffers and their families. Our hope is that more suffers will discuss what things work for them
    that may help other suffers.

    We apologize for the long response time as we are still working out some kinks. We greatly appreciate you interest and
    look forward to hearing more from you. Awareness for EDS Suffers and their relatives are our main goal. Shared knowledge
    is one way to help others.

    Sincerely, Ann Mendilbe

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