Help & Support

Help & Support

This program helps EDS patients tap into their inner strength and overcome feelings of isolation, despair and fear. It helps them adjust to a new reality and return as soon and as much as possible to a normal, active and valuable life for those who can.

Activities Offered

  • Emotional support groups for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients
  • Meetings with psychologists and emotional self-help workshops
  • Meetings of recently diagnosed people and survivors, who are ready to
  • Help new patients and support them emotionally

Monthly Classes

  • Tai Chi for EDS
  • Hip-hop Workout
  • Zumba
  • Yoga for EDS
  • Samba Reggae workout
  • Barre workouts

Barre workouts are one of the best types of mainstream exercise you can do for joint hypermobility. If done correctly, barre workouts are incredibly effective for strengthening, all of the tiny accessory muscles that often cause problems for us. Accessory muscles are especially important for sitting, standing, or doing anything different from our normal daily activities.

Because normal activities use our big muscles and our small accessory muscles, when we sit, our big muscles get a break and our tiny accessory muscles have to pick up the slack and keep things stable. This usually isn’t a problem, unless your joints are hypermobile, or you do nothing but lay on the couch all day long. Hypermobile joints include the knees, shoulders, neck, ankles, fingers, wrists, the pelvis and more.